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The DLRC hosts regular events. Every Thursday 14:30-16:00 we have the QTC seminar, where we invite people to share their Questions, Thoughts, or Contentions about all matters related to Digital Living. The format is sort of like a talk and sort of like a coffee and cake break. It tends to be very informal. We host a diversity of speakers, including students, activists, artists, and professors.

We encourage people to propose an ongoing event series. As a Commons, we have created an open and vibrant physical workplace for a wide variety of collaborative meetings between businesses, academics, municipal officials and creatives projects. Please contact us if you would like to use the space for meetings, add workshops to our lineup, or create special events. 

Previous QTCs and Events

Fall 2019
28.11.2019Alexandra Ilg    "Fashion Narratives: Digital Technologies for a Sustainable Future"
21.11.2019Shivani Joshi    "Zebrafish, Digital Health, and Machine learning - what's the connection? "
14.11.2019Sarah Fox"Looking out from the Stall: Hygiene Resources, Maintenance, and the Internet of Things"
31.10.2019Gabriel Pereira    "Recoding Art: Van Abbemuseum"
24.10.2019Andrea Hamm    "Air pollution in Germany: How Civic Tech Rethinks Open Data and Sustainable Smart Cities"
18.10.2019Paola Pollmeier    "The Power of Co-creation in LATAM"
03.10.2019Susanne Eichner    "From 'Appeals' to 'Affordances': Changing the Frames in Media Studies"
26.09.2019Maximilian Schlüter    "How Do we Best Navigate Research That is Located within the Minefield of Political Fringe Groups"
19.09.2019Fie Mortensen"New Alterity Relations"
05.09.2019Zenna Fiscella    "The Distributed Internet"
Fall 2018
28.11.2018Eva Horáková "Architecture, Design and Urban Space for a Better Life"
21.11.2018David Ledo "Rethinking Interactive Behaviour"
14.11.2018Harold Reiterer "Digital Media for Museums & Visual Data Analysis"
31.10.2018Lindsay McDonald Vermeuen "Meeting in the Middle: The Liminal Space of Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research"
10.10.2018Pablo R. Velasco "Lurker Methods: Digital Research as Surveillance"
03.10.2018Rasmus Lond "Aarhus-Chp, 12 minutes with a Hyperloop?"
26.09.2018Traci Nathans-Kelly "Paper Planes: Digital Challenges to the Doctrine of 'The Paper' for Researchers and Academics --A Discussion"
19.09.2018Annette Markham "Echolocation: A Theory of Sociality in the Networked Age"
12.09.2018Débora Lanzeni "Digital Materialities"
05.09.2018Lozana Rossenova "Performativity and Provenance in the Net Art Archive: The Interface and Infrastructure of Rhizome’s Artbase"
Spring 2018
27.06.2018Kristine Birch Hald "How to measure Qualitative Aspects of Urban Life with Technology – A study of Happiness"
20.06.2018Marianne Hohwy & Ouafa Rian "Digital Leadership in The Public Sector: A Personal Brief History of two HR Consultant´s Role in Region Midt"
13.06.2018Michelle Bach "IoTCrawler: A Three Year Long Research Project on Developing A Search Engine for IoT Devices"
06.06.2018Viktor Baskin "Aravani Art Project @ Facebook: Digital Networks & The Trans Image"
01.06.2018Bjorn Nansen "Let's Talk About Death"
30.05.2018Joeb Høfdinghoff Grønborg "The Smartphone as Training Partner"
23.05.2018Lukasz Mirocha "Resurrecting the Dream: On Technocultural Conditions Behind Today's VR/AR Renaissance"
16.05.2018Henrik Bødker "Journalism Studies and the Digital"
09.05.2018Thomas Hvid Spangsberg "Tales from A Research Exchange - Before, During, and After"
04.05.2018Creative Ring, DataScouts "Creative Ecosystems Workshop"
02.05.2018Annette Markham & Katrin Tiidenberg "Visual layering in/as event analysis: A Creative Workshop"
26.04.2018Alessandro Caliandro "Studying Contemporary Society Using Digital Data and Devices"
18.04.2018R. Stuart Geiger "Ethnography of/and/with Computation"
11.04.2018Robert M Ochshorn "Schemata"
04.04.2018Thomas Riisgaard Hansen "Research and Entrepreneurship – How Do Research, Design, and Entrepreneurship Fit Together?"
21.03.2018Banu Saatci "Pathologizing the Unknown: A Cross-Cultural Study of the Hair-Pulling Disorder"
14.03.2018Raune Frankjaer "Sympoietic Technology: Reconfiguring Human and Nonhuman Relationships through Digital-material Storytelling"
28.03.2018Thomas ‘VovemoD’ Lütken "Givisme Experiments"
21.03.2018Gabriel Pereira "Things I've learned at DMRC Summer School at Queensland University of Technology"
07.02.2018Jonas Kroustrup "What is the role of the Digital Commons in reaching the UN Sustainability Goals?"
31.01.2018Yulia Karpova "Non-Commodities of Late Socialism: The Case of Leningrad Experimental Ceramics"
Fall 2017
20.12.2017Adriënne Heijnen & Martin Brynskov "H2020"
13.12.2017Christoph Raetzsch "Breaking Down Digital Methods - Data Literacy through Communicative Objects"
06.12.2017Carsten Agger "Free Digital Territories - New Software Paradigms for Traditional Communities"
29.11.2017Emanuele Nicolo Andreoli "POV and New Technologies of Vision as a Political-Aesthetic Battlefield"
22.11.2017Erin Gee "Emotion ​Data, VR Experiments, and Practice Based Research"
15.11.2017Kseniia Kalugina "Rethinking IoT in a Science Fiction Mode: A Workshop"
08.11.2017Magda Tyzlik-Carver "Posthuman Curating: Interventions into Computational Culture"
25.10.2017Lars Bo Andersen "Digitization and the Distance between Case Managers and Placed Children in Teledialogue"
11.10.2017Stefanie Duguay "The ‘Lesbianing’ Thing”: Queer Women’s Participation and Representation on Digital Platforms"
04.10.2017Winnie Soon "Why Code? Why Program? Why Create?"
27.09.2017Rebecca Close "Works by Diasporas Criticas"
20.09.2017Ari Tuhkula "Understanding Teachers' Agency in the Time of Digital Education Through Participatory Design"
13.09.2017Teresa Senft "Ways of seeing Social Media"
06.09.2017Andrew Sempere "Direct Encounter with History: Summer of Darkness, Transmiss.io/n and the Performance of Archive"
11.08.2017Fabiane M. Borges "Technoshamanism"
Spring 2017
21.06.2017Claudia Liliana Zuñiga-Cañon "Technical Aspects and Ppportunities to Latin America Collaborations on Urban Computing"
19.06.2017Ellen Do "Creating Unique Technology for Everyone"
14.06.2017Irina Shklovski "Why should we talk about Ethics in IoT?"
24.05.2017Ramona Riin Dremljuga "Exploring the Lived Experience of Disconnecting from Social Media in the Digital Age"
17.05.2017Andrew Whelan "What People Talk About When They Talk About Vaporwave: Music Scene Aesthetics and Interpretative Frames"
10.05.2017Marianne Høyen "Understanding Peoples' View on Their Surrounding World through a Sociological Perspective"
03.05.2017Kseniia Kalugina "Thinking About Science and Technology with Science Fiction"
26.04.2017Henrik Mølgaard Frandsen "Cityregions, Business Regions and Megaregions in a Danish Context"
19.04.2017Thomas Hvid Spangsberg "How to Teach Programming to Non-STEM Novices"
07.04.2017Christian Juul Wendell & Adriënne Heijnen "Bydelskontoret"
05.04.2017Marcus Foth "What Evidence is there to Suggest that the Smart City Can Provide Genuine Answers to a Number of Wicked Problems Humanity Faces?"
22.03.2017Anders Boisen & Michael Troelsen "Innovation and Urban Prototypes at Katrinebjerg"
22.03.2017Christoph Raetzsch "What's data gotta do with it? The Bike-friendly City as a Communicative Object"
15.03.2017Adriënne Heijnen "Creative Ring Network"
08.03.2017Marie-Monique Schaper "Participative Design Strategies for Full-Body Interaction"
22.02.2017Martin Brynskov "AU Smart Cities"
15.02.2017Jonas Pedersen "City Experience Probe"