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As a research commons, the DLRC works at the same time as a dynamic co-working space and a home for diverse projects focused on shaping and studying the future through the lens of technology, engagement, and experimentation. The DLRC welcomes any project that research and practice around the complex processes that shape our future and operate at the intersections of culture, human interactions, art, social media, infrastructure and technology systems. 

Many local and international initiatives find a home at DLRC, including but not limited to the projects listed on this page.

As a Commons, the projects are always evolving as research groups, workshops and other projects are integrated into the network. If you would like to integrate your project into our Commons, please contact us.

AU Smart Cities

  • The Smart Cities Initiatives are led by Professor Martin Brynskov and Adrienne Heijnen. They include EU-funded projects such as OrganiCity, Synchronicity and OASC (Open and Agile Smart Cities), which aim to pilot and coordinate the global effort to bring IoT and Smart Cities technologies to the cities. 

Future Making

  • The Future Making initiatives are led by Professor Annette Markham and include multiple projects focused on future-oriented approaches to technology design, social research, and policy making.