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The Space

A place, a mindlab, a way of thinking differently about how research gets done.

The DLRC functions as a co-working space offering a dynamic, international work environment not only for researchers and students but also for SME professionals, professors, corporate executives, postdocs, developers, PhD Students, guest academics, government employees, masters’ students, policymakers and more. There is nothing like this hybrid intellectual and physical space on campus.

The physical space is run like a startup. The intellectual space is designed to bring researchers and others together in open and accessible collaboration to further the research and practice around the complex processes that shape our future and operate at the intersections of culture, human interactions, art, social media, infrastructure and technology systems. The DLRC recognizes the importance of involving researchers from all levels and encourages participation from students, activists, and others. The space is also used for faculty meetings, thesis “slam” meetings and a wide variety of collaborative meetings between businesses, academics, municipal officials and creatives.

The DLRC holds weekly research seminars called Questions, Thoughts and Contentions (QTC) in which presenters explore research questions, tech innovations and/or policy issues in a collaborative and discursive format.

Further information on events can be found here or in our Facebook page